Friday, September 2, 2011

The New York Regional Mormon Singles Halloween Dance

Hi there! This is Kiki. Finally contributing to what was supposed to be a combined effort. The reason behind my belated participation is that due to school and other such nonsense I stopped reading books right about the time this blog was started. Super pathetic, I know. Well, I'm officially educated now and can start my life of leisure with the written word and let me tell you, my reintroduction was fantabulous!

The New York Regional Mormon Singles Halloween Dance is freaking hilarious. I was laughing out loud at some of the irreverent things Elna Baker has to say about her life and experiences. Nikki can definitely attest to the fact. She had to listen to me howling while she was trying to enjoy her own book. And please don't be deterred, this is not just for those of the Mormon persuasion. I am certain that it can be thoroughly enjoyed by all. It is a memoir about a young Mormon girl coming to New York for school and finding her faith and values questioned and analyzed. It is funny and revealing and an excellent coming-of-age story. She discusses her quest to be successful, lose weight, and find the perfect man in chronological essays that make for one rip-roarin' fun story. Baker's style is very easy and relate-able. She has a flair for storytelling and the book didn't disappoint. The only issue I found with it was that it ended. I know that's super cliche but it's true. I wanted to keep reading her interesting stories and learning about her interesting life. Her life is so fun and full, this book definitely made me want to live more and be more involved in what's happening around me.

I know this was a short review but this will probably be pretty typical of me. I will be as honest as possible but I'm not going to talk and talk and talk forever. Short and sweet, that's how I write. Although, I do promise to be around this blog more.

For a first review, though, I'm calling this a success. What do you think?
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